We believe that Jesus Christ died for each one of us and that God is constantly drawing each of us into His great love.  We believe that in Jesus Christ there is no stranger—that all of us are brothers and sisters.  Age, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, or social status does not preclude any one from being a part of God’s family and/or a part of Bethlehem’s family.  All believers of Jesus Christ are welcome and are our brothers and sisters.  We hope that all men and women who do not know Jesus Christ as savior and Lord will try the Lord and see that He is good and receive his gifts of grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

Shine His Light

Shine His Light

We believe the church is not the building but the people of God.  The New Testament never refers to a building when it refers to the church—the church is always the people of God who are working for God in their communities.  We take this call seriously, and while we love our church building, we are the people of God at work in our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods, our employments, our communities, and our world.   We do our best to serve Jesus Christ daily and we hope our impact in meaningful and that God gets all the glory as we shine His light.

We believe that we want to be referred to only as Christians.  We classify ourselves as non-denominational but could just as easily be called multi-denominational.  We have members from a variety of Christian denominations who have come together to serve Jesus Christ.  We support a variety of mission engagements across denomination lines and believe that Jesus Christ unites all Christians.  Therefore, we are a Christian church and consider ourselves brothers and sisters with every other Christian regardless of denominational affiliation.


We stand in faith on these statements:

  • We believe in the Triune Nature of God. God is one and is also expressed in three natures—God the Father; God the Son, who is Jesus Christ; and God the Spirit, who is the Holy Spirit.   
  • We believe in God Almighty who is both the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father.
  • Jesus Christ died on the cross, was resurrected, and is head of the church.
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God and informs us of God’s salvation of His people and the subsequent plan and purpose of our lives.
  • Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all who believe in Him and confess that He is Lord shall be saved.
  • He bestows the Holy Spirit on all who believe, and the Holy Spirit is our comforter, our advocate, and the voice of God to our lives.
  • God calls each Christian to serve others, love others, encourage others, and lead others to a deeper relationship with God.