Children’s Creative Movement/Choir 

Children's Choir

The children are active at Bethlehem and are an integral part of the worship services.  Not only do children serve as acolytes but also they lead in worship through dramas, children’s choir, and creative movement.  We have volunteers that choreograph, teach, and lead our children in creative arts ministries.  We look forward to having our children display their gifts in community events in the future as well.  The children’s choir and creative movement ministry meets on the first Sunday of each month during the 11:00 AM church service.  The children share in the worship ministry five to six times per year, and Bethlehem is so blessed to have their offerings of worship.

Adult Choir

Adult Choir  

Handbell Choir 


Bethlehem is blessed to have a dedicated hand bell choir under the direction of Katie Stallings.  Katie is a gifted teacher of hand bell ministry, and the hand bells bless our services several times per year.  Hand bells meet weekly for practice at 6:30 PM on Wednesday nights.  If you have an interest in hand bells, please contact the church at 757-539-4274.