My name is Morgan and I am a missionary! I am 20 years old from Courtland, Virginia and I have lived here for about 16 years! I was saved at the age of five, but being a missionary was never something I saw myself doing. When I saw other missionaries, I just marveled at their faith.  In the Summer of 2015 I was planning on attending college in the fall, continuing teaching dance, and leading youth at my church. Yet, God had/has a different plan! 

After one church service, I purchased a book from an incredible guest speaker. When I saw his faith and deep relationship with God, I thought, "Wow, I want that kind of faith!". In his book, I read about how a Discipleship Training School (DTS) at Youth with a Mission (YWAM) changed his life. That night I hurried home to research their DTS program. I watched a promotional video, and I started to cry. I felt an unction from the Holy Spirit just telling me to “go”. God spoke to my heart saying that my plans were not His plans. He told me to release my future aspirations, goals, and dreams and to exchange them for His! Excited about my new path, I began to research different DTS programs and bases from all over the world. 

After countless prayers and wise counsel, I felt a strong urge to attend a Discipleship Training School with a Dance focus in Lakeside, Montana. In my DTS, I experienced an extensive training process to develop character and a deeper intimacy with God. I grew in the talents and gifts in dance God has given me for use on the mission field. The last two months, we applied what we had learned on an extensive cross-cultural excursion to spread the Gospel in the country of Ukraine. That trip opened my eyes to the needs of this world. I learned to trust God for everything. Learn more about my outreach to Ukraine HERE.    

After my DTS, I was asked to staff a program called Summer of Dance. Summer of Dance was a two month program. It was very similar to a DTS yet shorter; one month of lecture phase in Montana and one month outreach phase in Taiwan. During the lecture phase, I taught dance classes' weekly, choreographed dances for outreach, led a small group, and mentored three girls in weekly discipleship. Then we, five staff and 18 students, ventured off to Taiwan for a one month outreach to spread the gospel. There we led two camps. One for children ages 4-16 and another for ages 16-22.  The rest of the outreach we worked with local ministries, performed dances accompanied by testimonies, and built relationships. Learn more about my outreach to Taiwan HERE.                   

ow what's next? I am moving to Ukraine! My eyes have seen and my ears have heard the cry of the lost and I cannot ignore them. I am beyond excited and privileged to lay aside this time of my life and commit it to sharing the Gospel with others who need it so desperately. Learn more about my next chapter and how you can be apart of it HERE.  

 I want to thank you, Bethlehem Christian Church, from the bottom of my heart for supporting me financially and through your prayers! I thank Julie Dorn for the connection to you, and I could not have done this without you, Bethlehem. It's because of you that I am able to share the Gospel all over the world! 

 I would love to hear from you! If you would like to connect, meet for coffee, or just hear more, please shoot me an email: morgan.ognibene@gmail.com

 All of this information and more are all located on my personal mission's website. I have details on my previous outreaches, future plans, and tax-deductible donation information right here- http://morganognibene.wixsite.com/ywamIf you would like to receive regular updates, please subscribe to my newsletter through this link- Newsletter  or add me on Facebook and join my facebook page - Morgan's YWAM Adventures

 Thank you again and God bless!

Morgan Ognibene